Buying guide of Log Cabin Kits

Purchasing a log cabin is a significant investment not only for your garden but for your entire property. It provides valuable additional room for you and your family. A log cabin will provide all the space you’re looking for without the inconvenience of a house extension, whether you want an outdoor office for working from home, an extra family room, an entertainment area, or even a guest room.

We understand how critical it is to select the perfect log house for you, your garden, and your lifestyle. Allow us to walk you through all of the important variables of North Carolina log cabin kits for sale.

How much space can you afford?

Your garden has a limited amount of space. You want a log house that will enhance your environment rather than take over.

Keep 1-2 feet of space around the wood cottage for maintenance. Consider the area available for opening doors and windows.

For what will you be using your log cabin?

Consider how you want to utilize your time inside your new garden structure. Do you intend to work from home in your newly constructed garden office? Do you require only a desk and a chair, or do you require additional space for shelving and other seating? Will the space be utilized to host parties for friends? Do you like a dining table or a comfortable sofa with a coffee table?

Will it be a multifunctional family room with a craft and board game table? Or how about a media room complete with sofas, bean bags, and storage for game consoles and toys?

What is the best location?

Check that the log cabin is facing the appropriate direction for your lifestyle and how you intend to use it.

Do you desire a log cabin that gets enough sun during the day? If you work, you’ll want the finest sun when you get home later in the day. Or perhaps you like full-day sun on weekends. Is a shadier refuge preferable for a home theater or garden office, where direct sunlight might make screens difficult to see? Take the time to observe where the sun shines in your garden.

Take important care of the measurements

Not all 4x3m log cottages are the same size. All other sizes are the same. These are only rough estimates that serve as a broad starting point.

The thickness of the cladding boards is significant since the thicker the material, the more insulation it provides. This will make your time in your log house more pleasant.

Do you need planning permission for your log cabin kit?

Fortunately, most log cabins do not require planning clearance; they are classified as “outbuildings” for planning purposes.

However, there are a few exceptions when planning clearance is required:

  • The log cabin is over 3 meters high with a pent roof;
  • It is over 4 meters high with an apex roof;
  • It is not for domestic use;
  • It is within 2 meters of the main building and over 2.5m high;
  • It is located forward of a wall forming the main elevation;
  • It will cover more than half of the garden or more than half of the house’s surrounding land.


A log cabin cannot be built as a separate dwelling and must not have an aerial. Other restrictions may apply to listed buildings or structures in national parks, conservation areas, and so on. If you are unsure, we recommend contacting your local planning authorities.

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