How do I save you human beings in my family from looking at my Xfinity On Demand purchases?

To save you human beings for your family from seeing your purchases, we endorse putting Parental Controls for your gadgets:

  • TV Box: To save you human beings for your family from looking at films you’ve got bought, you could install a parental manage PIN. Learn greater via way of means of studying approximately Parental Controls on non-X1 TV Boxes.
  • PC and Mobile: You can save your family contributors from seeing your purchases on the laptop and cellular gadgets via way of means of putting ดูหนังออนไลน์ Parental Controls.

How do I save you human beings in my family from shopping or renting suggestions or films?

You can also set a Purchase PIN to save your family contributors from making purchases or rentals. Learn greater via way of means of studying commands on putting in a buy PIN for your X1 TV Box or non-X1 TV Box.

How do Parental Controls paintings for Xfinity Purchases online?

If you’ve got online Parental Controls set, titles that might be beneath neath your manage putting might not display up for your Purchases folder online or at the Xfinity Stream app. To make blocked titles seem, you may extrude your online Parental Controls settings. Once you convert your settings, all titles will display withinside the Purchases segment and be to be had for playback.

If I purchase a Pre-Order Season Pass, whilst need to I assume to look for new episodes in my Purchases folder?

After shopping for a pre-order TV Season Pass, you need to assume new episodes for your Purchases folder the day after every episode airs.

When will I be billed for a Pre-Order Season Pass?

You are billed the entire charge of the season upon the transport of the season’s first episode.

Can I cancel Pre-Orders?

You can cancel your Pre-Orders previous to this system being brought for your Purchases folder. You can cancel from this system’s Detail ดูหนังออนไลน์ web page and in the Purchases folder.

Can I get a reimbursement for a Season Pass after the primary episode aired?

After you buy a Season Pass and get the season’s first episode, you couldn’t get a reimbursement.

How do I watch films or suggestions that I’ve bought?

When you purchase a film or TV display out of your TV Box or Xfinity Stream, you could view your bought identity in a couple of ways:

  1. You can watch for your TV:
  • On Xfinity X1, from the primary menu, visit Saved > Purchases, then choose the identify you need to look at.
  • On non-X1 TV Boxes, choose Purchases from the Xfinity On Demand menu.
  1. You can circulation them at the Xfinity Stream app and internet portal. From the primary menu, your purchases will seem beneath neath Saved.
  2. You can download purchases with the use of the Xfinity Stream app. ดูหนังออนไลน์ downloaded titles may even be regarded whilst you are now no longer linked to the Internet. To download, choose your identity out of your purchases listing after which click on Download. We endorse which you download bought titles quickly after buy.

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