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Today, there are many various sporting trends to be found in the world. Scores24 is a portal that regularly publishes forecasts, statistics, and various news to enable its users to keep up with the latest sporting events. With the help of all the information the portal offers, you can earn money on bets. The website pages also feature information about proven and reliable bookmakers’ offices, which provide numerous generous bonuses. does everything to ensure that every visitor can get the most data in one place.

Where and when did the first sports forecasts appear?

The establishment of betting as a business began in the 18th century. At that time, betting was mostly related to horse racing, it was popular throughout Great Britain. And soccer betting was widespread in England and other European countries. When the time of tournaments was coming, the relevant information could be found in the press. Today, many people have probably heard of sports betting, and some actively participate in this type of gambling for money. Bets are accepted online and offline; and odds change before and during the game. The net winnings are the amount of the bet multiplied by the odds, minus the bet placed.

Online schools to be trained in betting

For beginners who have never bet online, there are special websites that explain how to:

  • consistently make predictions and change tickets;
  • choose the reliable bookmakers providing the best bonuses;
  • competently conduct money transactions in several ways.

But even if you don’t undergo special training, you can perform operations by following the detailed, step-by-step instructions on the websites.

What the new bettor needs to know

The most important thing new users need to know is that there is no need to rush. Before placing a bet, new bettors should think what sport they know the best. A non-sporting event can serve as an alternative. It should be present in the line of a large office.

Betting should be dealt with when the bettor is calm and adequate. It is not recommended to make predictions in a hurry or at the height of emotion, whether happy or sad. Betting should be taken seriously, but one must learn to enjoy it.

It is important to know how lines are formed and the odds are calculated, what kind of margin the bookmaker puts in each odds, and what is necessary for successful registration on the website of the bookmaker’s office.

What the bettor should know

To begin with, it is necessary to learn the key concepts of betting – total, handicap, single, handicap, accumulator. Betting should take place in those disciplines, which the bettor knows well. Furthermore, it is recommended to read news and analytics on reputable and large portals. One should be ready for the fact that there will be not only victories but also losses as well, especially when it comes to betting in the long run.

It is necessary to learn how the bankroll is formed and how to distribute its amounts properly. It is better not to make sports forecasts where the bettor’s favorites play because the person will always wish to bet for their winnings.

Professionals recommend betting on sports through virtual bookmakers. Here it is possible to take your time and study the line thoroughly. There is 24-hour access. There is a calm and comfortable environment for the bettor.

Action lines in the bookmakers’ offices vary in different parameters. It is the width and depth. They comprise the completeness of the line. The width is the number of battles and types of games. Depth is the variety and number of main and additional outcomes.

How does a bookmaker earn and how are new bettors attracted?

The bookmaker has a difficult task: to make bettors place bets on the maximum number of events, and that the bets are made on different players personally. For this very purpose, there are manipulations with the size of the margin – this is the bookmakers’ earnings. That is, the percentage of the bet amount, which will be transferred to the office in the case if the bet is successful.

The margin varies depending on the popularity of the competition. The bookmaker’s goal is to roughly evenly distribute the percentage of their potential winnings. The odds are deliberately understated to less than 100% because if the bookmaker will give the whole amount in case of winning, it will operate at a loss. And this jeopardizes the existence of the business.

Should the margin be considered when betting? Obviously, it should. The difference in one or two decimal places becomes significant when it comes to large amounts of money. And speaking of a common logic – why lose extra money? It is much better to find events with low margins, and bet on them. In this case, it is necessary to follow the rules of money management, and not to go all-in.

Registration on the bookmaker’s platform

It is possible to create an account on one or several betting websites. However, the bettor must have one profile per each particular site. If family members also intend to practice betting from the same mobile device, they must be authorized on the portal using an identical password and log in. In theory, it is possible to create a duplicate account with incorrect email details or phone numbers. However, the result of such actions is blockage of the account during verification procedure or IP verification. Negative consequences of multi-accounting include the banned access to personal accounts and the inability to withdraw money from the account.

Registration can also be completed via social networks, by phone number, or e-mail. It is required to specify personal data – full name, country, or city of residence, date of birth, e-mail, and so on. Legitimate bookmakers insist on the identification of customers for security purposes.

Bookmakers featured at Scores24 offer many nice bonuses for new and already registered users.

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