The Best Global Silver Coins To Buy And Sell

Tired of all the talk about selling silver or investing in the precious metal in tough economic times and not having an inkling of what they are going on about? Silver bullion investment sounds very interesting. It is easy and just as exciting as everyone makes it seem. Like gold, silver has been a valuable medium of exchange and a store of value for millennia. You need a little bit of information. With the right information at your disposal, you will soon be able to buy and sell silver bullion coins in no time.

Silver Coins

Silver rounds and bars only became popular in the 1970s. Although silver features a lot in money silver bullion coins are not produced so that they can be used as money but rather as an investment product. Most common silver coins that people collect have a purity that is below 90%. The U.S Mint produces a lot of silver coins which is why the mint went into a panic in 2021 when there seemed to be a shortage of silver due to the effects of the pandemic.

Let’s look at popular silver bullion coins across the globe:

The Australian Kookaburra 

The Perth Mint produces some really attractive silver bullion coins with a Kookaburra on one side and a koala on the other side of the coin. You can expect to sell Australian silver bullion for $3 to $6 over the spot price. Older silver Kookaburras can sell for a high premium. These silver coins can appreciate with time because of their scarcity and their intrinsic value.


Silver Eagles

The Silver Eagle is America’s world-renowned silver bullion coin. It was first produced in 1986 and has continued to be minted to this day. 1996 was the lowest mintage date of uncirculated American Silver Eagle coins. There were only 3.6 million minted but these are popular and you can sell these for $30 to $40 premium above the melt value. Besides the 1996 Silver Eagles, other popular dates include 1986, the 1994 coins as well as 2006 and 2007. These coins command a high premium price over melt.

In general, the American eagle silver coins have a troy ounce of 999 fine silver. The newly minted editions of this coin usually sell for $6 to $8 over the spot price. When you sell silver bullion coins like the American Eagle you will find that most dealers will be more willing to pay $2 above the spot price.

Other popular silver bullion coins included the Canadian Maple leaf which has a fineness of .9999. It is probably the most widely recognized silver coin in the world and the easiest to sell. You can sell silver bullion coins like the Austrian Silver Philharmonic and Mexican Libertad silver coins because they are popular and can fetch a high premium over the spot price.

When it comes to silver products, the best investment you can make is bullion. It is to liquidate, is purer, and much easier. Silver bullion coins that are made by sovereign mints are popular everywhere in the world so you can sell them anywhere in the world.

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