Why should you invest in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit?

With fixed deposits, there’s simply no dearth of options. Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), and even regular companies offer various different types of fixed deposit schemes.

The Bajaj Finance fixed deposit scheme is one among the endless list of options that you have on the market. So then, what makes it so special and why should you invest in it? If these are some of the questions that are running through your mind right now, then continue reading.

Reasons to invest in the Bajaj Finance fixed deposit scheme

Here are a few of the plethora of reasons why you should invest in the fixed deposit scheme of Bajaj Finance.

1.       Exceptional credibility

No matter what your risk appetite may be, it is always a good idea to have some safe investment options in your portfolio. And Bajaj Finance offers one of the safest FDs in the market. The investment product has been accredited with the highest safety ratings of CRISIL’s FAAA or stable rating as well as ICRA’s MAAA or stable rating. That points to the exceptional credibility of this investment option. So, you can invest in this product and enjoy Bajaj Finance FD rates, which are lucrative for investors.

2.       Attractive interest rates

As we mentioned above, the Bajaj Finance fixed deposit rates are very attractive for investors. After all, the end goal of all investments is to ensure that your capital is protected and earns you the maximum returns possible over the investment tenure, isn’t it? The Bajaj Finance FD rates ensure that you can meet this goal comfortably. With rates up to 6.50% per annum, and higher rates up to 6.75% for senior citizens, these fixed deposits help maximize your returns.

3.       Loan against deposit

Emergencies may strike at any point in time. And thankfully, with a Bajaj Finance FD in your portfolio, you can be better prepared to meet these uncertainties in life. That’s because after an initial lock-in period of 3 months, you can take a loan against your deposit in case you need funds for emergency purposes. The limit on this is also very generous, coming in at 75% of the FD value. The best part? You can easily avail this loan online.

4.       Highly flexible

Another thing in the favour of Bajaj Finance fixed deposits is that they give you the option to choose from flexible investment tenures. You can choose between 12 months and 60 months. This makes the fixed deposit from Bajaj Finance suitable for investors with short-term goals and long-term goals.


As you can see, investing in a Bajaj Finance fixed deposit has many advantages. If you’re eager to open your deposit account, you can easily do so on Finserv MARKETS. With a user-friendly and hassle-free account opening process, you’ll find that you can start investing in a Bajaj Finance FD and benefit from the latest Bajaj Finance FD rates 2021 sooner than later.

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