The German shepherd dog with his human riding partner becomes the sensation

You may have seen a dog sitting on the back seat of a car, but to spot a German shepherd dog at the back of a bike with a motorcyclist riding along is the rarest sight. So if you come across a rider with a German shepherd that just crossed you, it is probably content creator Jess Stone with her beloved dog Moxie. This site has become the latest news for many as it has gained huge media attention. The duo often plans for the trip in different locations, and looking at the dog, one can say she is having the best time of her life.

The fact that Moxie rides with her human companion on a bike brighten many people’s days. Upon asking, the rider, Jess Stone, shares some great bites with the media. She says that Moxie gives her a celebrity vibe when they stop at a signal and the people in their car take out their phones to get the best shot. Moxie weighs 34 kilograms and has been with stones in thick and thins. Both presently are on an epic bike trip lasting ten months to cover 90 countries. It includes Europe and Asia, Central America, Africa, and South America.

The duo has been on the road since the last march and since then they are often riding along with Stone’s husband who is a part of their journey. Stone always wanted to stay ahead of her husband during the ride to deal with the obstacles while moxie is a part of her journey.

The incredible riding challenge

Stone is originally from Canada and learned to ride a motorcycle on the Liberian side streets. She and her husband had been living in an apartment for at least a decade. They both have faced a struggling journey, and with Moxie being around them now, they share great mental peace. She even believes that Moxie is a better riding partner than her husband. Greg and Stone are like opposite walls, and while he is impatient, she prefers to explore the location with her furry friend.

When she finally felt at ease riding a bike, the couple, after eight years of marriage, decided to go on an eight-month motorcycle trip. They covered the journey from North to South America. A few years after this big journey, they decided to adopt a pet when they moved to Guatemala, and that is when Moxie entered their lives. Moxie chooses Stone more than Greg, but Stone still mesmerizes the moment when she laid eyes on this furry baby in one of the neighboring towns.

How did the adventure begin?

Stone and Greg both were determined to include Moxie in their journey, but they didn’t want her in the back seat. Instead, they decided to add the K9 Moto Cockpit to their bike, which is manufactured in Guatemala and is an incredible motorcycle dog carrier. Along with the cockpit, they also added some outdoor dog gear that would make Moxie comfortable throughout the ride.

Stone believes that it did not take much time for Moxie to sit on the bike and enjoy the ride. Rather, it was Stone who had to get adjusted to her weight in the back seat of the bike. And now, this couple is seen riding like pros on the road, making them the latest news for many.

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