Aspects of a Good Pet Portrait Artist to Look For

There are so many pet portrait artists in the market and choosing who to hire is challenging. There are those from whom you will get custom pet portraits while others might be a bit reluctant to customize and offer editing services. This is the case especially with individual artists.

You could get pet paintings online, or better still hire the services of an artist in your neighborhood. The following factors could be considered:

Reviews and Ratings

If the artist whose services you’re hiring has a website, you should consider the reviews given by those who have received their services. Consider both the positive and negative feedback as well as the rating (5 stars). The negative feedback will help you know the weaknesses of the artist and how he responds to complaints. Likewise, positive feedback makes you know his strengths.


Availability of the artist is one of the key factors to consider. If possible, hire one who is within your vicinity as this will reduce the delivery time. Additionally, it will be possible for you to pay him a visit and make necessary changes as he paint your pet, instead of waiting until delivery.

Hiring an artist within your vicinity also helps you get the right reviews as you get first-hand information from friends and family.

Painting Style

 There are so many styles that the artist could use to paint your dog or cat. Some use paint by numbers kit to bring out the image among other styles. Choose an artist according to your style preference.


The quality of the portrait is crucial. Check other customers’ paintings quality to rule out the quality you are likely to get. Ensure that you photograph pixels are clear as this will help you get a clear painting. Likewise, consider the paint used by the artist as this contributes to you getting a high quality painting.


Different artists have varying prices depending on the kind of a painting you want. Your budget comes in here as you ought to hire services that fit your pocket.

It is important for you to understand that high prices do not necessarily mean high quality paintings, just like low prices do not mean poor quality of paintings. Therefore, opt for high quality services that have fair prices.

Medium used

There is a variety of medium that is used in painting pets. These mediums includeoil, Acrylic, Watercolor Painting or Pencil, Colored Pencil or Charcoal Sketches- based paint. Each has the services it best offers. For instance, portraits painted with Oil or Acrylic are more expensive as they could last for decades. Charcoal and Pencil sketches best serve when black and white paintings are required.

Final Remarks

In a society full of all types of professionals- both genuine and fake- it is good to be careful with whose services you hire. A pet portrait artist is not an exception, and this article gives you the ins and outs that you would consider. These among other factors will help you make the right decision and get the best quality for your value.

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