5 E-Banking Apps that Can Help you Open an Online Bank Account in 2023

Banking apps let you access bank accounts 24×7. They make it easier to create financial goals, track and manage expenses, transfer funds and offer personalised recommendations – all of these while securing your data from scammers. E-banking is highly convenient since it can bring most services to your fingertips. All you need to do is download and install the app and follow a few basic steps to log in. This wipes off the need to visit a bank, detailed documentation, multiple signatures and human interaction. Simply make sure you have a smartphone with a steady internet connection to get started. Below are the apps to pick.

1.      IDFC FIRST Bank’s Optimus App

This app is available for all your banking needs. Whether you wish to open a savings bank account or a loan account, everything is free of cost. Customer care executives are available on live chat or video calls for any assistance. There are no charges for 28 savings account-related activities. So, after opening an account, you may also consider

  • cheque re-issuance
  • debit card issuance and
  • money transfers

Optimus App is highly safe and secure. This is why it is a viable option when it comes to opening a bank account. SIM binding feature, MPIN, mobile number, username and password are used together to ensure the e-banking app is in sync with RBI safety standards. Face ID and Fingerprints are also used for subsequent log ins. A 2-factor authentication can protect your account because even if the password is hacked, a fraudster cannot get access without the second factor.

The steps to open an account are quite easy:
Step 1: Get the app on your Android or iOS
Step 2: Click on ‘Open Savings Account’ on the main page.

Yes, it is this simple. Use the e-banking app freely on the go.

2.      Canara ai1 By Canara Bank

Open a Canara Bank savings online through the Canara DiYA app. All you have to do is fill up the online account form. The bank will send you the account number and other necessary details on your registered mobile number and e-mail ID. Know that this is not a zero-balance account and customers in urban and rural areas have to maintain a minimum balance of ₹1,000 and ₹5,00 respectively.

3.      bob World by Bank of Baroda

Customers can open 3 different types of digital savings accounts – B3 Silver Account, B3 Gold Account and B3 Platinum Account. These can be set up instantly to ensure a seamless banking experience for customers.

4.      Axis Mobile by Axis Bank

This app has countless features that offer a satisfying experience. You can open a savings account and a current account seamlessly. These online bank accounts can be linked for investing in mutual funds, paying utility bills or recurrent money transfers.

5.      Vyom by Union Bank of India

Any individual can open and use a Union Digital Savings Account on the app. There is no minimum balance requirement which makes it convenient. Explore the different types of savings accounts and pick the one that can meet your personal banking needs.

IDFC FIRST Bank’s Optimus App is on the top when it comes to mobile banking. Advanced features, high-end technologies and best-in-class security measures in place give it the 4+ rating that the app deserves.

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