Do Not Hesitate To Fill Your Vacancy In The Right Way; Professional Recruitment Is Ideal.

Finding the right talent for our company is essential to keep growing. However, an objective for which it is necessary to carry out an adequate personnel selection process and a web search for “engineering recruiters near me” will not be enough.

The recruitment and selection process consists of a series of logical steps through which candidates are attracted to fill a position. First, the right people are chosen to fill a vacancy. Then, through personnel selection, the organization can know which applicants who apply are most likely to perform the job assigned to them effectively. This process involves matching the applicant’s skills, interests, aptitudes, and personality to the job specifications. When the selection is not made well, the human resources department does not achieve the objectives previously determined. Likewise, an unfortunate choice can prevent a person with great potential from joining the organization or allow someone with negative influence to join the organization that can affect the organization’s success.

Theoretically, all organizations should identify their short-term and long-term staffing needs. In the short term, staffing needs are generally determined on a one-year basis; in a long time, staffing requirements are estimated over two, five, ten, and even twenty years. In practice, this work has become more widespread among large companies for several reasons, the main one being the high cost of large-scale planning.

There are two sources of recruitment: external and internal.

Recruiting is called external when it involves actual or potential candidates, available or employed in other companies.

It is called internal when it deals with actual or potential candidates employed only in the company itself and its consequence is the human resources process.

Internal recruitment occurs when, having determined a position, the company tries to fill it by promoting its employees (vertical movement) or transferring them (horizontal direction), or even transferring them with promotion (diagonal movement).

This will decrease the training period and, most importantly, contribute to maintaining the high morale of the personnel already working in the organization by allowing each vacancy to mean the opportunity for one or several promotions.

There is a wide variety of methods and types of personnel selection. We highlight:

  • Candidate interview.
  • Assessment center or group dynamics.
  • Psychometric tests.

These tests are not mutually exclusive, although each one focuses on a different aspect.

Interviews are less practical, unlike assessment centers, which tend to evaluate aspects more related to performance. On the other hand, psychometric tests and personnel selection tests tend to have a solid scientific basis but measure more superficial elements.

Although they are not mutually exclusive, the selection process must be enjoyable for the candidate. Therefore, avoid over-testing and determine upfront precisely what you need to know.

Although many teams do not give it the importance it deserves, generating precise and timely communication enhances the candidate’s experience in the selection process. Therefore, having a standardized system that activates automatic systems according to the flow of the process is critical to reducing manual processes for recruiters, such as web search for “engineering recruiters near me,” and increasing the employer brand’s positive perception (employer branding).

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