A Comprehensive Guide to Different Glass Shower Enclosure Styles

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A bathroom renovation will not only improve the aesthetic and function of your home but also elevate your shower experience. Homeowners planning to renovate their bathrooms for the first time may find it daunting to choose from a wide range of options on the market. However, a glass shower enclosure is a wise investment if you want to increase your property’s market value and kerb appeal.

The standard bypass shower enclosure

A standard bypass shower enclosure is ideal if you are renovating on a tight budget. It operates similar to sliding glass patio doors and can be used to frame shower spaces and bathtubs. The panels are contained within a waterproof metal frame at the top and sides. Bypass shower enclosures are space-efficient, as it slides to the side instead of being swung open. Of all shower enclosures for a walk in bath, bypass shower enclosures contain the least amount of glass due to thicker metal frames in standard models.

Hinged shower enclosure

Hinged shower enclosures are an excellent choice for bigger walk-in baths, featuring one or more glass panels outfitted with two to three hinges on one side, allowing the glass panel to pivot or swing open either in an inward or outward direction. The price of hinged shower enclosures in the UK is based on glass thickness, size, and the types of hardware you wish to install. You can choose from traditional hinged shower enclosures with metal frames or frameless glass panels for a more modern look.

Sliding shower enclosure

Sliding shower enclosures are outfitted with two glass panels that can be rolled in both directions. More recent sliding shower enclosure models feature larger glass panels; hence are more expensive than standard shower enclosure styles. Homeowners who opt for sliding shower enclosures incorporate barn-door style hardware that exudes a more natural or rustic feel.

Corner shower enclosure

Corner shower enclosures feature two or more glass panels installed on two or more sides of a walk-in bathroom. This option is perfect for larger bathrooms, but make sure to prevent the glass sides from coming too close to any of the walls. Pricing for corner shower enclosures will depend on the size and integrated customisation features.

Curved shower enclosure

A curved glass shower enclosure looks similar to a corner shower enclosure but with a curved glass configuration. This type of shower enclosure is custom-manufactured by fabricators that specialise in producing bent glass. Due to the added customisation, curved shower doors are more expensive than shower doors with flat glass panels. A major selling point of curved shower enclosures is that they add a unique touch to your bathroom.

Customised fully enclosed shower enclosure

Customised, fully enclosed shower enclosures are inarguably the most expensive. Glass panels cover at least three sides of your shower space. If your shower is installed in the middle of your bathroom space, glass panels are installed on all four sides. Minimal hardware is used during installation to achieve an all-glass finish.

There are indeed endless options when it comes to glass shower enclosures. Different design elements may be added to make it your own, including glass finish, frame colours, and hardware choices. The overall look of your walk-in bath will depend on the additional features that you wish to incorporate into your shower door enclosures.

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