All You Need To Know About Art Jamming In Singapore

Art Jamming Singapore is a free-form of art that does not adhere to any premeditated requirements. Art Jamming can be about anything you want it to be, but it needs an open environment for creativity and expression without limitation.

Art Jammers are artists who take part in the process by using their hands, minds or both to make beautiful things happen on canvas or on other surfaces with paint! Art Jammers share ideas freely during this process which helps foster creative thinking as well as promote social harmony amongst all members involved in the event.

It also celebrates Singapore’s diversity while uniting participants through our shared love for art making!

Ts Central is the first and foremost Art Jamming event organizer in Singapore. Founded by Jacqueline Chan, who was an artist herself, she now hosts various art jamming events to provide her fellow artists with opportunities to showcase their work while providing a platform for social interaction.

Jacqueline believes that everyone has a creative side which they can unleash through interactive art jams!

She organized an event and hoped people will come together to explore their inner creativity during Arts Central’s Event – Inner space on 17th September 2018 from 12:00 pm- 11:00 pm at The Substation Theatres (Level B).

When you participate in an event like this, you can get to know more about yourself and others. Jacqueline said that she wanted to create a space where people will be able to explore their creativity while getting closer with one another through various activities such as games which might lead them into unexpected results!

Jacqueline also mentioned how they have a cafe on the ground floor where food and drinks served during these events come from local suppliers who employ sustainable practices or even offer vegan options if needed, just take your pick!

Attendees are encouraged not only bring their A game but also be prepared for anything as you never know what might happen next!

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