Casino Verification: Documents Requested by Online Casinos

The industry of gambling is gaining in popularity. Hundreds of new users create new accounts within the system every day. Newcomers who start using a gambling platform face the necessity to pass the verification procedure to enjoy gambling services to the full extent. And here are questions what is the verification procedure, and what documents are needed? All the necessary answers you will find out in this article.

What is Verification in Online Casinos?

Online casino verification is a process of checking and confirming a customer’s data given by the user to the casino. The data are usually specified by a gambling website when creating a casino profile. Commonly, the need for this procedure arises when a player wants to withdraw his or her monetary funds for the first time.

The verification process is necessary to secure both a player and an online casino from any fraudulence. For online casinos, this is an excellent opportunity to fight against fraudulent schemes, particularly in multi-accounting. Each gambling platform’s terms and conditions state that it is strictly forbidden to establish more than one casino profile under the same name or address. But it often happens when players try to register a second time to grab one more bonus deal. Thus, the verification is like a bodyguard for both sides.

Without the identity confirmation, the user will not be able to cash out money from the gambling house. A few days later, after fulfilling the terms, the possibility to cash out money will become available for the player. If you want to avoid any troublesome issues and withdraw money instantly, it is a good piece of advice to go through the verification at the step of registration.

Documents Requested by Online Casinos

During the verification process in an online gambling platform, the administration has the right to request documentary confirmation of the identity (contact and payment information). All user’s data should correspond to the information provided by the player during the registration. Each gambling house has its requirements for documents when checking and confirming an account.

Typically, the list includes:

  • Scan or photo of your ID card. You can take a snapshot of all the main pages, including your photo and personal data. If the postal address does not coincide with the given address, you can skip this page.
  • Any document that confirms your first and last name and your actual place of registration. As a rule, you can send one of the following papers: a receipt for utilities, medical insurance, documents confirming property ownership, etc. If you are not the owner of the real estate in which you are registered, then the receipt will not contain your data.
  • Scan or photo of your banking card. It should contain the name, surname, and card number of the holder. Pay attention that you have hidden the CVV code.

The documents mentioned above are the norms and standards for account verification in most casinos.

One of the security features of a gambling website is the regular checking of accounts. Because this is the only way, online casinos can pay out your money. If you are looking for an honest online casino that verifies profiles, then take a look at GamblerKey provides reliable casinos’ reviews that you can trust.

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