Exporting Goods – A One Stop Service

Due to the explosion of e-commerce, more and more companies are sending consignments worldwide, and this demands a shipping company that can handle the entire operation from start to finish. It might be a single pallet, or a few 40 foot containers, and you will want it to arrive on time, which is where a reputable freight company comes in. They can offer road, sea, and air transportation, which gives the customer choices, and by using the best carriers, your shipping company can ensure the goods arrive on schedule and in first class condition.

Sea Freight

With the best sea freight rates from Pallet2ship, your consignment will arrive on time and at an affordable cost. The company has worldwide connections, which means every major port is covered, and they will also arrange for the container to be transported from your location to the port by road. Often the consignment doesn’t have to be delivered quickly, and sea freight is the best solution, as it is a lot cheaper than sending the goods by air.

Large Shipments

For multiple container loads, the freight company would organise the delivery of the containers, and even provide the labour to load the goods if required. They would arrange for the containers to be taken to the port by road, taking the strain from the customer, and the goods would arrive at their destination on schedule.

Partial Container Loads

A reputable freight company would offer a less-than-container service (LCL), and by consolidating the load with others, it is an affordable way to send your cargo. Some shipping companies will not accept partial container loads, yet there are online freight companies that will move any type of cargo to any destination, even a single pallet can be sent.

Export and Customs Documentation

An established freight company would be able to advise on all official documentation, so if you are new to the business, their help would be invaluable. With many years’ experience, the freight forwarder will be able to help you with any aspect of the operation, and with carriers to all the major worldwide ports, your goods will arrive on time.

Instant Quote

An online freight company would be able to provide an instant quote for any destination, and this is important in the fast paced business world of today. In the event the customer wishes to make the booking, everything can be handled from the website, making the whole process very convenient.


Online Tracking

Knowing where your consignment is, at any time of day or night, is invaluable, and whenever your customer enquires about their delivery, you will be able to respond in a quick and timely manner. Keeping track of your goods allows you to plan ahead, and with the expertise of your freight company, your business will grow.

Shipping goods to foreign countries used to involve several companies, but in the modern business climate, it is simply a one stop service.

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