Firefighter Life Insurance Explained

Many people believe that one of the most high-risk professions out there is the fire department. If the worst were to happen to you, firefighter life insurance would ensure that your family would be given a lump sum payment. This can support them through the upcoming challenging times.

Can firemen get life insurance?

The answer to this question is yes. Firefighters should be able to obtain life insurance from a wide range of different insurance companies. You should always consider the level of coverage that you think you would need, to then be able to find a policy that best suits your needs and circumstances. Some firemen will find that they get a ‘death in service’ benefit within their employment package, which will pay out part of their yearly salary to their family if they were to pass away on duty.

Although some may get this benefit, you may find that it only provides a portion of the support that you would like compared to a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy could provide a much greater payout, which would provide more financial peace of mind and more financial stability for your loved ones.

Is critical illness cover available?

Again similar to life insurance, critical illness cover is available to firefighters, although this cover depends more on your medical history, not the occupation you work within. You might find that each individual insurance company deems which medical conditions they consider high risk. A critical illness policy is designed to pay you a lump sum if you get diagnosed with a severe health condition or sickness. The idea of a critical illness policy is to help to pay for any financial commitments whilst you are unable to work.

How about income protection?

Income protection is also available for firefighters, income protection provides financial support if you get sick or injured and are unable to work. An income protection policy will pay out monthly payments whilst you are unable to work, which is calculated based on a percentage of your wage.

Like all other types of cover, an income protection policy is based on your personal health at the time you take out the policy. Your insurer will take into consideration any pre-existing medical conditions.

Where can you find life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection?

If you are a fighter that is looking for an insurance company to provide you with some protection, then get in touch with Sports FS. It is important that you seek advice and quotes from an insurance company that has years of experience, Sports FS have many years of experience in providing people in hazardous sports and occupation with cover.

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