How a second hand car is valuated in online marketplace?

The valuation of a second hand car depends on many parameters. There are lots of analytics involved in the valuation of a second hand car. There are many websites which provides a decent valuation of a second hand car and also provides a price bracket which is decent money you can spend on a car. For a second hand car, this price bracket is very helpful in making a decision on buying car.

Kilometres run

One of the most important factors is the number kilometres the car is run. The price valuation of a car depends on this count. It is simply inversely proportional. If the number of kilometres the car has run is less, the valuation of the car will be more and vice- versa. But, this is not the only factor.

 Year of manufacture

This is also one of the most important factors. The year of manufacture decided the price of the second hand car. This is because in different years the price of the car sees a change. This is taken into consideration when valuation of second hand cars in Bangalore is done.

Number of owners

How many owners does the car have? Meaning if the car is being sold for the first time or more than once? How many people have owned it before you will? The valuation of car increases, if the number of owner is les (like 1).

Variant of the car

Different variants have different prices. Like a diesel or petrol variant. Is it a high end model? These are also some of the factors which would determine the value of a car.

Your city

This is a factor which adds a little to the valuation of car. Since there are different prices of cars in different states, the car price in different states differ.

These are some of the many known factors which help in the valuation of a car.

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