Joints, Blunts, Spliffs and How They Differ


Modernization has brought about the popularity of vaporization, which has lessened the attention on the art of rolling. However, this traditional, easily accessible, tried, and trusted method of weed consumption still holds great prestige amongst enthusiasts. To the extent that the creative ability and skill to craft an artistic roll is highly celebrated. What is smoking weed without a nice roll?

Are you new to cannabis? The esteem of cannabis is in the roll itself; cheap weed is not nice without a great roll. The types of roll fall into three broad categories, namely: Joints, blunts, and spliffs. However, each of these categories is defined by the ratio of their content and the rolling materials. Let’s quickly take a peek into what these categories entail.

What Is A Joint?

 Joints are perhaps the most recognized way to take cannabis. This entails cannabis rolled inside a thin rolling sheet that is white, although there are unique papers with different colors and flavors. Also, papers can be of different types; big, small, and made of other materials like rice, hemp, and paper.

Most times, joints have filters that allow you to smoke your weed end to end without hurting your fingers. Joints are small and handy; you can take them around and spark up anywhere.

What Is A Blunt?

Blunts are cannabis rolls inside a cigar or a blunt wrap. Wraps are made out of tobacco, which adds buzz and energy to your cannabis highness. Blunts are generally more giant and last longer than joints.

What Is A Spliff?

Spliffs are more like joints, but in this case, the roll contains tobacco and cannabis mixed. Although blunts contain some amount of tobacco, the spliff comprises even more. As a result, you have more buzz and energy to your smoke. This category of roll also has filters or crutches, as it is also called. With the spliff, you can alter the ratio of tobacco to cannabis in every smoke you take.

The Paper Difference between Rolls

Your choice of paper is as important as your quality of weed to your smoking experience. You can get a variety of papers from online dispensaries in Canada, should you need them. The paper impacts the amount of weed you’ll need, the flavor, and the burn( thicker papers burn slower than thin papers).

Blunt wraps and papers have different flavors, which affect the individual smoking experience as individuals have different tastes and like. Some weed enthusiasts would even prefer their papers flavorless as they claim it meddles in the taste and aroma. These papers also differ in rolling ease, meaning some seal seamlessly and don’t tear while some do. A surer sign of a failed roll is a joint that burns lengthwise across one side.

Bottom-line, the artistic possibility to rolls is endless; blunts, joints, and spliffs are just the basic. This means the possibility of designs you could make out of your roll is endless; you don’t have to stick to one continuously. Buy weed online today and let your creativity out. Do well to let us know what you come up with.

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