Things to Know when Buying Used Wheel Loader

If you are thinking of purchasing a used wheel loader, make sure to inspect thoroughly the vehicle as there can be major problems creeping below its surface. We cater some essential tips on how to purchase a second hand wheel or log loader.

Do an in-depth research

You should find out the price of a new loader and compare it to the price of the second hand one. You may be pleasantly surprised that a new machine may cost less than the second hand one, as exchange rates have changed or the factory has expanded considerably. Moreover, research on the specific model and make that you are looking at. You should read reviews, publications or product specifications in order to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of the machine.

Used Wheel Loader

Finding out the various types of jobs wheel loader has performed

You should confirm whether it is used to load from a stockpile, carry, load or dig materials. The wear and tear of a loader that will perform loading and carrying jobs will be different from the wear and tear of a loader that does are used for stockpile loading. Moreover, find out what kind of material the loader is working with. Different materials can introduce different sets of wear to the loader. For instance, loading corrosive materials such as fertiliser are known to cause more deterioration than loading sand and gravel.

Inspecting the wheel loader in good light and at ground level

Try to learn as much as you can from the appearance of the loader you intend to purchase. You should take note of oil leaks, damage in glass, tin work, doors, tyres, loader frame and bucket. As you move around the loader, look at the wiring, lights batteries, transmission and radiator. It will be helpful to take a number of photos, so that you will have something to refer to after making the inspection.

Used Wheel Loader1

Going through the service history of the loader

You should inquire how many hours has the loader been put to work? You should not accept the hours shown on the meter, as completely accurate, as several used wheel loaders have worked overtime shifts. You should do your best to investigate and verify the number of hours worked by the loader.

Check carefully for chassis and mast cracks that will entail great expense to repair. In-depth knowledge on various kinds of loaders is imperative before buying chargeuse à bois Payeur.


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