Searching for a new roller shutter door for your business? Look no further than online manufacturers who can supply both roller garage doors and roller shutters at affordable prices. Suppliers specialise in electric remote control shutter doors that are weatherproof, secure and sturdy. Choose from:-

  • Galvanised steel
  • Insulated styles
  • Fireproof shutters

Shutters are available in readymade sizes or bespoke made to measure, whichever is more suitable for your requirements. Parts and accessories can also be ordered online that can be used to repair or maintain your shutters.

Roller Garage Doors

Keep your business safe

By having a well-made, secure shutter installed at your factory, warehouse or office, means your business and contents will be as safe as houses. Auto-Rolls industrial roller shutters are made specifically to keep intruders out while enhancing the look of the building at the same time.

You’ve probably worked very hard to build up a business that could be quite an investment, so don’t let it be a temptation to burglars. By having industrial roller shutters both at the back and front of the building, means you can leave the premises at the end of the day knowing that everything is quite secure.

Check out the online shop to see the different sizes and styles of roller shutter doors, if you can’t see anything that appeals to you, get in touch with friendly advisers who are always more than happy to help.

Roller Garage Doors

Easy to order online

Once you’ve chosen the industrial roller shutter door or doors, the ordering process is very easy to follow. Alternatively if you live in the area, why not visit the showroom to see first hand:-

  • The many different styles of industrial roller shutter doors
  • Colour samples
  • Different materials used
  • Fire rated shutters

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of the staff who will be able to answer your queries. Find out about the delivery process too, how long it takes, is delivery made right to your front door and can the shutters be fitted easily?

Roller Garage Doors

How about downloading a brochure?

For more information why not download a brochure? This contains lots of useful advice, handy hints and tips about industrial roller shutter doors including:-

  1. The thickness of the materials used
  2. Whether a powder coated finish or any BS colour would be most suitable
  3. Would a perforated roller shutter door be required so customers can see goods after hours when the shutters are closed?
  4. Are insulated steel roller doors better for factories and warehouses? These types of doors let in minimal airflow and have a heavy duty weather seal at the bottom.

When it comes to installation it’s recommended to request easy to follow instructions which can be in brochure or video format. The guidelines can help to reduce damage to components while installation takes place. Everything is explained clearly and concisely so fitting industrial roller shutters can be carried out by laymen or experts. Just make sure you order the right size from the beginning.

Downloading a brochure

Roller shutters for high use areas

It’s advisable to install 3-phase industrial roller shutter doors where there’s a lot of traffic as they will be opened and closed many times throughout the working day. Industrial roller shutters weigh 450 kg or over so are substantial and strong enough to last indefinitely. General specifications of these particular doors are:-

  • They are constructed from 22 or 20 gauge galvanised steel lath
  • The bottom of the shutter is fitted with a galvanised steel T section rail
  • Side guide rails can be ordered in various sizes, e.g. 50mm to 100mm
  • There’s also a wind guide option available

Roller shutters

How to operate an industrial roller shutter door

It couldn’t be easier to operate an industrial roller shutter door especially when a 3-phase direct drive motor with built in safety break is used. This type of motor is wired, complete with a 5 pin plug and instantly ready to connect to a 3-phase power supply. They have open and close along with emergency stop buttons as well as a pre-wired low voltage starter. There’s an emergency chain operated manual override too should there be a power failure. Finishes for these doors comprise:-

  • Galvanised
  • Plastisol
  • BS13241 compliant
  • Powder coated

The choice is entirely up to you.

industrial roller shutter door

Have a look at the online blogs and testimonials

A good idea is to take a look at the many online blogs and testimonials to see what other customers have to say about industrial roller shutter doors. Read interesting blogs and the latest news or spend some time browsing comments left online like:-

  • I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all staff at AutoRoll UK
  • Service has been second to none
  • Thanks to staff for helping take the right measurements
  • A great delivery service with helpful driver
  • Product well packaged, clear instructions and easy to install

There’s also an online frequency asked questions section which could help you before you order shutters for your business. These include answers to queries such as how long warranties last, any special power requirements needed, opening the door should there be a power failure and does the door comply with European Legislation. Check out answers regarding how far away from the door the transmitter works, can the door be installed by suppliers, how easy are the doors to fit and how much headroom will be needed above the opening.

online blogs and testimonials

Make contact asap

Why not make contact as soon as possible if you would like new industrial roller shutters for your business? Call into the factory or showroom if you live in the area (there’s a useful map featured on the website), phone, fax or email. An adviser will get back to you quickly with advice, information and prices.

Don’t put off ordering a commercial roller shutter, 3-phase industrial roller shutter or fire rated shutters, do it now!

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