What is the purpose behind Title IX?

Title IX is a crucial civil rights law that every student needs to know about. The law forbids schools, colleges, and universities that receive federal assistance from exploiting, harassing, or discriminating against any student based on gender, race, financial assistance, etc. The law was first introduced under President Richard Nixon in 1972 to stop discrimination against women in academics and sports. However, over the years, Title IX laws are evolving when it comes to their scope and enforcement. In today’s world, Title IX gives a lot of importance to prohibiting sexual harassment on campus as well as LGBTQ rights. If you need any kind of legal guidance, you can get in touch with Lento Law Firm.

The purpose behind Title IX:-

  • Equal access to education: The key purpose of Title IX law is to promote equality in the field of academics. Before the law was passed, women were barred from colleges and universities in certain areas. After the law was enacted, no one could deny this federal civil right to anyone. 
  • Provides protection: Title IX protects students and employees of the academic institution. It protects their rights by preventing sexual harassment, sexual assault, gender discrimination, and unlawful retaliation. Unlawful retaliation is an adverse treatment that can happen to you as a student if you try to speak against discrimination or harassment.
  • Assistance for students of any gender: Title IX law treats every student equally. The statute protects every gender and gives individuals the freedom to display their gender identity and gender expression as they want inside the college campus. The law is again applicable to all students, faculty, and staff members.
  • Helps pregnant and parenting students: Before the enactment of Title IX law, it was legally allowed to bar pregnant students from enrolling in college. However, Title IX law protects pregnant and parenting students and allows them to pursue their academics as everyone else. 
  • Changed women’s lives: Title IX law not only changed women’s lives in academics but in sports too. The law ensures women are given equal opportunity as their male counterparts inside the academic campus. The law also ensures that the athletic team of the college has an equal proportion of both male and female athletes. This law increased women’s participation in the field of sports.

Title IX is a significant law to be passed in the country’s history. If you believe your rights have been violated, it is wise to reach out to a lawyer. The experienced lawyer will surely understand the issues you face and will be ready to defend you at all steps. 

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