Why You Should Consider Adding a Printed Ribbon to Your next Event

When hosting an event, you want it to be distinguished and your guests to feel valued. Whether you’re hosting a charity event, corporate event, party, wedding, or celebrating a grand opening, adding a printed ribbon may be the piece you need to make your event more memorable. Simply by adding a printed ribbon, you can transform your event.

Printed Ribbon

Adding a Professional Touch

Adding a printed ribbon to events conveys a professional image. Companies that utilise ribbons are considered more established and experienced. Ribbons communicate that a lot of thought and planning went into the event and that the finest details were well attended to. Events with ribbons display a level of excellence that make them distinguishable.

Adding a printed ribbon

Highlighting the Celebration

In addition to adding a professional touch, ribbons highlight the celebratory component of your event. Ribbons symbolise happiness and celebration; they are a mark of achievement and accomplishment. For scholastic events, students who receive ribbons feel valued and important. They can forever cherish the memory of winning an award, and will likely save it as a keepsake for years to come. Similarly, for corporate events, ribbons can make employees and staff feel cherished and appreciated. Ribbons are a universal symbol for celebration, which creates a light and celebratory mood for any event.

Highlighting the Celebration

Reinforcing Tradition

Ribbons hold traditional value. Across the world, ribbons symbolise celebration and new beginnings. This is particularly true for grand openings. Cutting the ribbon is a common practice all over the world. To properly celebrate a grand opening or new milestone, cutting the ribbon is a great way to rejoice and share in the victory. A printed ribbon is perfect for grand opening ceremonies. To reinforce tradition, incorporating a printed ribbon is a great option.

Wreath with satin ribbons, symbol of National Ukrainian folk cos

Sharing Vital Information

Ribbons also help communicate vital information in an enjoyable way. This is particularly true for charity event ribbons. For charity events, ribbons can include information about how long the organisation has been operating and highlight any particular achievements. Guests are more likely to read information on ribbons than information in a long brochure. As such, ribbons are great for pertinent information that you don’t want to be missed.

Sharing Vital Information

Marketing and Advertising

Ribbons are a way to market and advertise for companies. Since award recipients are often photographed with ribbons, the logos on the ribbons will be noticed. This is perfect for sports events that have sponsors that need to be recognised. Ribbons can incorporate logos and company names to highlight sponsorships.  In addition to marketing and advertising, ribbons are also a way to express appreciation and gratitude towards the sponsors.

Overall, ribbons

Overall, ribbons serve many purposes and are the perfect way to transform your event. Ribbons add a professional touch, highlight the celebration, reinforce tradition, communicate vital information, and provide marketing and advertising. Ribbons are also great ways to make your guests feel honoured and valued. They are small, yet incredibly meaningful. Ribbons can help you have a successful event that is professional as well as enjoyable and distinguishable. To help create memories of a lifetime, add printed ribbons to your next event.

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