The Amazing Powers of Stanozolol Steroid

Stanozolol, a powerful anabolic steroid derived from Dihydrotestosterone chemically has been widely used for enhancing muscle growth and to gain stamina in a healthy way. Its properties are similar to testosterone and it is less harmful. These kinds of steroids have both anabolic and androgenic properties enabling the user to utilize them in both bulking and cutting cycles.

Few amazing facts about the steroid:

  • Helps in gaining lean mass to make your physical appearance look totally fit.
  • Enhances the production of red blood cells. This ability generates more stamina and endurance in the user’s body.
  • Help in growing density of bones and ligaments. Hence, you are more active and you’ll gain more flexibility needed to compete in athletic arena.
  • A great stacking partner for other potent steroids. Its negligible health issues help in safely stacking with other anabolic steroids.

Few more notes:

Research shows that the steroid shows more of its anabolic nature than its androgenic features. This ability of it helps to cure many ailments related to skin infections skin ulcers, burn injuries, chronic infections, hereditary angioedema, aplastic anemia, deep vein thrombosis and Raynaud ailments. It is useful even to reduce body’s cholesterol level. It can even rectify any deficiency connected to pituitary growth hormone.

Dosage level:

Beginners and women users take 5mg to 15mg a day and seasonal users of it take 40mg to 100mg per day. The dosage has the ability to decrease the secretion of SHGB, sex hormone binding Globulin. This positive feature helps in stacking the steroid with other potent steroids successfully.

Side Effects:

If the supplement is over used or taken in improper way, the user is sure to have few health issues like symptoms regarding malfunction of liver, cancer, cardiovascular ailments and even skin infections. People who are having problems regarding liver, kidney and heart are advised not to use the steroid. People having diabetes or high blood pressure should avoid its usage.

Nausea, baldness, loss of appetite, changes in the color of urine is some of the other effects. Swelling of ankles and feet are the other discomfort, which can occur if the drug is used for longer period and more than prescribed. Depression, stress, irritation and aggression are some of the mental health issues occurring due to surplus use of the steroid doses.

Most of its users prefer to have a 50 mg/ml injection as it gives great results in shorter period. To know more about the usefulness of the steroid, you can visit informative links.

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