Taking Testosterone Propionate as per Recommended Dosage to Get Positive Results

When it comes to trying out new product, we need to take things slow. If you are particularly looking at improving your muscle mass, then you might want to check out testosterone propionate. Now, before you jump the gun, you need to know all about this steroid and how it can benefit you in achieving the desired muscle mass.

Testosterone Propionate and Ester Bonds

Testosterone propionate comprises of testosterone attached with an ester bond. This ester bond is the main reason of slow release of testosterone in the bloodstream. Here is where testosterone propionate steroids come into the picture.

These anabolic Canadian Steroids are taken in the form of injections. When these are injected into the bloodstream in the right dosages, it can help to get rid of these ester bonds in the shortest time possible. Testosterone propionate, these days also are available as testosterone enanthate and cypionate.

Testosterone Propionate Contribution in Muscle Mass

Testosterone propionate helps in nitrogen retention, which in turn helps in storing protein in the muscle. When there is sufficient amount of protein in the muscles, it allows for stronger and thicker muscle growth.

Many bodybuilders usually resort to these anabolic steroids to improve their endurance and stamina. Some of the other benefits of testosterone propionate include:

  • It can help to reduce body fat by blocking glucocorticoid hormones
  • It can also help to repair and regeneration of tissues in the body
  • It also helps to prevent osteoporosis and heart diseases
  • It also helps improve libido levels

You can even consider combining other steroids along with testosterone propionate to improve your overall performance.

Recommended Dosage for Beginners

Every steroid needs to be taken within the dosage that comes with the pack. If you exceed the dosage, it could lead to disastrous effect to your overall health.

These steroids are generally recommended for people suffering from hypogonadism, andropause or infertility. If you are a beginner, the recommended dosage needs to be a weekly dosage, giving at every alternate day between 200 – 400 mg.

The minimum usage cycle is about 8 weeks. Once this cycle is completed, you need to follow this with a post cycle therapy (PCT) usually after 3 days.

If you suffer from any health conditions, you need to consult your doctor and see if you can use testosterone propionate steroids.


Anabolic steroids cannot be purchased without a proper prescription. So, before searching for any testosterone propionate steroids, you might need to consult your doctor for a prescription.

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