A Guide to Successful Sponsorship Hunting

If your organisation relies on sponsorship, you certainly won’t be alone in your quest for funding, as so many other people are looking for sponsors to get their projects off the ground. If things are a bit hit and miss when it comes to finding good sponsors, perhaps that has something to do with the way you are presenting your package, and by utilising professionally designed templates from an online provider, you can present your proposal in a slick and professional manner.

Highlight the Sponsor Benefits

Obviously, the sponsor will want to know how the event will benefit them, which you can best demonstrate using a cloud-based sponsorship proposal template that allows you to embed high quality video, along with images, charts and graphs. If, for example, you wanted to include a webpage, this can easily be imported into the template, and with charts that indicate a high volume of readers, your sponsor can see how their message can be reached by a wider audience.

Professional Proposal Design

It isn’t only the message that matters, and the way you present your project to a potential sponsor, might be the difference between success and failure. Design templates give you choices and by incorporating your logo and colours into the design, you are maximising your chances of success. Whatever your industry, professional presentation is essential, and with a cloud-based provider, multiple users can easily collaborate on the same proposal. If you would like to make contact with a business template provider, an online search should produce results, and most will give you a free trial, which is never a bad thing.

Pay Attention to Detail

It is often the little things that impress the sponsor, and with a wide range of powerful design tools at your disposal, you can deliver your message in the best possible way. One could say that the more time you spend on preparing your proposal, the better, yet with time saving templates, you are minimising the time it takes to compile a first-class proposal. Choose your fonts and colours carefully, as these will either complement or hinder the message, and the online template can be viewed by all devices, thus ensuring that the sponsor has a positive viewing experience.

Approach the Right Sponsors

The sponsors you approach should all have an association with the event in some way – if, for example, the event is a sponsored run for charity, then energy drink manufacturers would make ideal candidates, as would sports-wear manufacturers. By making associations, the sponsors are more likely to be attracted, as they have similar target groups.

Critique your Proposal

Prior to sending it out, take an honest look at the proposal and try to put yourself in the sponsor’s shoes. Look for anything that might be unclear and be your own devil’s advocate, trying to find weaknesses in the proposal. Once you are sure it cannot be improved upon, give it one final proofread before you send it.

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