Nang is the colloquial name for nitrous oxide. This is a gas that has been used for ages in various ways. In this article, we will explore what Nang is and the various ways in which it is used.

Nitrous oxide is made by thermally decomposing ammonium nitrate and water at temperatures of about 250 to 255 degrees. This product cannot be manufactured through DIY projects and requires trained specialists to produce and package.

It’s important to understand the packaging of the product for ease of use. Nangs Delivery Melbourne specializes in the delivery of nitrous oxide to your specified location without any mishaps.

Uses Of Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is considered both a psychoactive and hazardous substance and such its uses range from medical to culinary and automotive use. We will explore in detail its various uses.

  1. Medical use – By mixing it with oxygen, medical nitrous oxide is administered through the nose from a large canister. It’s used as an aesthetic in mild surgeries and for pain relief mainly in emergency rooms as an alternative to morphine. Nitrous oxide must be administered under the supervision of a trained expert to avoid overdose or misuse. It is also used in preserving blood and in storing sperm at sperm banks
  2. Automotive industry – Commonly referred to as NOS, nitrous oxide system. This allows the engine to increase the combustion of oxygen and propel the car faster. A permit is required for one to install the system on their vehicles and to operate the vehicle on the road with normal road users.
  3. Culinary industry – In the food industry, the gas has shown quite the versatility in use. As a preservative, it replaces the oxygen in meat, vegetables, and other food products before refrigeration to increase the shelf-life. It’s also an ingredient in whipped cream by preserving it and helping to propel it out of the cylinder. The gas is also well known as the oldest flavor enhancer in most foods such as dairy products, food, and even beer.
  4. Electronics industry – Nitrous oxide is used in CPUs to prevent them from heating up and the fire suppression systems in many IT departments.
  5. Recreational drug – Though prohibited in most jurisdictions. Nitrous oxide or nang has been used as a recreational drug where canisters are usually found after music festivals. The gas is put into a balloon where the user inhales it for a short-lived high of about 20 seconds. The gas has also been used as an alternative to alcohol for those looking to kick the habit.


Nitrous oxide has a variety of uses which determine the type of cylinder the gas is transported in. Whether for culinary use where smaller cylinders are used or medical and manufacturing use where larger canisters are preferred, it’s important to contract specialists in transportation and delivery. It is also advisable for users not to manufacture as DIY projects because the holding containers require trained professionals in handling them.

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