Detailed Information About Anadrol Cycle & Dosages

Anadrol is a potential hormonal steroid that is responsible for increasing the testosterone levels in males. Additionally, it also improves the oxygen-carrying capacity of the red blood cells. It also improves the nitrogen content in the body and helps to repair and recover in less time.


Working mechanism

Scientifically, known as oxymetholone it can be taken orally and it is the only steroid that has been approved by the FDA. Therefore, this anabolic synthetic steroid can be easily bought over the counter, without doctor’s prescription. It will develop lean muscle growth and increases muscular strength and capacity.

When you are taking in a cycle it will pumps more blood to your heart, thus improving your circulatory system. At the same time, it helps in increasing the bone density and regeneration of new blood cells.

To experience maximum effectiveness you must be on a high protein and low carb diet. You must consult your gym trainer or sports physician to understand what kind of diet you must follow and what should be your exercise cycle. It is being widely used by body builders, fitness models, sportsmen and B-town celebrities.

Dosage – Anadrol 50

Anadrol comes from the word androgenic, which means the male hormonal system. Nevertheless, affects L’Anadrol 50 both testosterone and androsterone hormones. Therefore, when you are taking this steroid you will experience faster hair growth, increase in muscle size and heightened sex drive.

Depending on the individual’s capacity and body mass index 25 – 100mg is recommended per day. You should increase the power along with your cycles. More than 100 mg per day can cause side effects such as hair loss, muscle loss, reduced sex drive and insomnia. It is very important to get your blood tested before you decide to be on this hormonal steroid.

Additionally, you must drink plenty of water, at least 5-6 litres because this compound is soluble in water. Your body will produce maximum results if you ensure a good lifestyle along with proper sleeping cycles. It is strictly advised not to take alcohol during the bulking or cutting phase. The glycerine and aromatase present in alcohol will waste your muscle gains.


Anadrol is widely sold in online stores and sports retail outlet. Since it is a hormonal steroid, it does not come for cheap. Always check the information and the amount of hormone per serving, before buying. You could ask people in your gym as well. Make sure that you look out for customer reviews before purchasing.


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