The Key Features & Benefits Of Dustless Sandblasting

In the past, if you wanted to strip something clean, it meant that you would have to spend hours and hours of rubbing something down, with sandpaper, wiping off the area and then doing additional sanding for the bits that you missed. It was a dirty, dusty and messy job, and one that nobody looked forward to. Thankfully nowadays, there is a solution to all of this and it is called dustless blasting. You can remove larger areas of paint and rust in a fraction of the time, and there isn’t a great deal of time and effort needed to get the job completed.

A healthier workplace.

Even though it is called dustless, all of the dust is not completely removed. However, the amount of dust is significantly reduced by using water to control the amount of dust. The overall goal of hoping to reduce the amount of dust generated when completing a job such as this, is attained, and so it is a much healthier and safer way to do the job. There are a wide number of reasons, why everyone should now be using dustless blasting and we will explore just a few of those here today.

  1. Lowers the health risk – If you’re doing dustless blasting in Perth, then you are taking an essential step in protecting your health. The blasting used in the past was detrimental to your long term health and caused a number of respiratory issues and problems. Thankfully, the days of breathing in this dangerous dust are now gone, and we are left with a method that not only strips an area more quickly, but also leaves very little dust left over. This allows you to work in a cleaner environment and reduces any risks to other workers that might be working in your close vicinity.
  2. Less abrasive materials – When using dustless blasting to complete the job, it means that you need a lot less abrasive materials to complete the work. This means a much reduced time to complete the job in hand, and so ends up being less expensive than other methods. Because there is a lot less dust, then there are less containment methods to be devised.
  1. Very easy clean up – Using the older methods, meant that you could be there for many additional hours cleaning up the area after you had completed the job. The traces of dust are very small, and if you prepare the area properly before you begin your work, you should be able to gather up all of the abrasive residue quite easily. This method of doing this kind of job is certainly a game changer.

If it is your wish to do work in a safer and cleaner environment, then you need to ditch the old methods today. Now is the time to begin using dustless blasting to keep you and your fellow workers healthier. It is going to save you a lot of time, effort and money, so there is no good reason why you shouldn’t try to incorporate this method into your work.

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