Get The Only Skin That PocketNow Recommends For Your iPhone 6

Anybody who’s anyone has a smartphone nowadays. In 2015, there are roughly 280 million cell phone users in North America, and this number is expected to increase each year. By 2017, there will be nearly 300 million users! That’s two thirds of the population. As more and more people are choosing to purchase cellphones – in particular touchscreen smartphones – you need to do more to make yours standout.

In the third quarter of the fiscal year, Apple managed to sell 47.5 million iPhones. That’s 47.5 million identical rectangles with a little white apple on the back. It’s hard to imagine yourself unique or cutting edge when you share a phone with that many people, including grandparents, soccer moms, and high school students. If you want to stand out from the crowd and still enjoy the convenience of your iPhone 6, a skin is an easy and inexpensive way to do it.

As one of the thinnest smartphones on the market, you don’t want something that will add the inches to your iPhone 6. A skin is a vinyl cover that fits flush against your iPhone, working with the diminutive specs of your phone. It won’t add the pounds or the inches, as it can be barely measured in millimetres itself. Resting over top of the common features of your iPhone, the skin can transform your gadget into something unique. Forget about Steve Jobs. Choose from 6 true textured designs to add a little bit of you into the iPhone. Bright colours, like red and orange, can be combined with sophisticated textures, like leather and wood. It’s up to you.

A vinyl skin doesn’t just cover your phone. Its thin layer also provides unmatched protection for when sharp objects and spills threaten your iPhone. The vinyl absorbs the shock of keys, pens, corners, and other objects that could otherwise bite into your phone and create an unsightly fracture. If you ever feel like selling your iPhone so you can get the next generation, you can remove your skin (without sticky residues marring the phone) and advertise a mint-condition iPhone 6.

Before you run out and buy a skin, you need to make sure it can wear both hats (style and protection) equally well. A vinyl skin should be as stylish as it is durable and vice versa. Therefore, spend some time looking at skin providers that are getting talked about by AAA reviewers like PocketNow, MKCHD, and LinusTechTips. By taking the time to read these reviews, you can find links to reliable skin providers like where you can find tough and fashionable skins for all of your devices – not just the iPhone 6. So you can outfit your whole Apple line-up with matching skins and know that they’re protected by durable 3M vinyl.

When it comes to your devices, you can do no better by slipping on a skin. It will protect your iPhone 6 and any other gadget from damages and take an everyday item you share with millions of people and transform it into a unique piece of technology.

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