The next time you check the price of an item on the smartphone you got with your Virgin Mobile USAaccount, you should think about how many people are doing precisely the same thing. If you are in retail, this is an important thing to know. It is not enough that you have a kickass website and great products or services. People have to be able to see your site properly and transact on a mobile phone. Here are the facts about how being mobile friendly can boost your sales.

Google is going mobile too

You probably spend a lot of time making your website searchable by doing the usual optimization techniques. However, your ranking could suffer if you are not mobile friendly. Google has started giving brownie points for websites with a mobile friendly interface in the middle of 2015. This was a strategic move on Google’s part. Mobile traffic has already overtaken desktop traffic in many industries, especially retail. Fifty-five percent of searches on some sites like Yelp originated from a mobile phone.

Mobile goes anywhere

People use their smartphones for everything because it is convenient. You could be getting visits from people who are waiting for their turn at the dentist’s office, or during the long commute to work. Missing even one out of 10 visits because your site is not mobile-friendly is just dumb. Based on statistics, you will probably miss a lot more than 10%. Imagine how increased traffic by merely having a mobile friendly website will affect your conversions!

Mobile is instant gratification

Consumers are becoming more demanding and impatient. If they want something now, they will get it without a second thought. If you can deliver the best product to them but you are not mobile friendly, they will go somewhere else. You need to capture impulse buys as much as you can, and the best way to do that is to give them what they want, which includes mobility. If you have a restaurant that delivers, mobile is a great way to make sure that customers order from you next time they have the munchies. Check out Domino’s for inspiration- they have a great mobile app!

Making your website mobile-friendly is not hard, nor is it expensive. If you are in retail and still don’t have a mobile friendly website, you need to get with the program.

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