How Ercryptex passed the licensed security audit

Successfully passing a security audit is a key reputational component of any company that is associated with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This procedure is essential so that the company’s clients can fully rely on the management. Marketing activities for the promotion of a particular cryptographic product can only mislead a client. A security audit successfully conducted by one of the top auditing companies is an official document that makes you sure that the company is responsible for its words.
It is worth taking into account the fact that almost everyone talks about security today. But only a few can really confirm the words with facts. In the case of Ercryptex Exchange, the reputation speaks for itself. Why does this product become more and more popular? Let’s find it out.

Series of security audits

In 2017 and 2019 Ercryptex has already been independently evaluated and verified by well-known companies. This 2022 year the company decided to conduct another audit. The purpose of this act is to demonstrate to the target audience the unconditional safety of storing coins. Among hundreds of projects, Ercryptex can only compete with cold wallets.
Quantstamp conducted an independent due diligence audit of the wallet in 2022. The report speaks of a high safety rating and a high level of confidence in the project. Although many crypto enthusiasts who actively follow the market have long believed in this project, it was an independent audit that became an argument for a wider range of investors.
The Ercryptex project has always boasted an impeccable reputation. But in 2022 it was further strengthened by an independent audit conducted by a licensed auditor. The smart contracts of the system, which underlie the decentralized system that ensures the smooth and distributed operation of Ercryptex were tested

Advantages of Ercryptex

Among the identified advantages of the platform is that only their owner directly has access to the coins. In this, for example, the platform is fundamentally different from the Binance exchange, where the administrator can block your coins due to sanctions or other reasons. Often this happens unreasonably, so the creators of Ercryptex simply decided to solve this problem.
In fact, your Ercryptex account is your key. It provides authorized access to your money. No one but you can control them. The user interacts with an automatic decentralized system. By saving coins on Ercryptex, you eliminate the intermediary between you and your money, excluding the human factor. This set of obvious advantages provides the utmost security and credibility for Ercryptex.


After a comprehensive analysis of the Ercryptex project, we can conclude that the project can be trusted. It is considered a fairly reliable service, which is confirmed by three independent audits. Licensed auditors unanimously declare that Ercryptex is really worthy of attention. Whether users on thematic forums often say that the platform saves them time and money. So if you are looking for a reliable wallet for storing coins, this platform is able to fully satisfy you and become a partial replacement for the most reliable cold wallets.

The summary of our wallet review is the following. This is a uniquely modern, secure and functional wallet for storing digital coins. Separately, it is worth noting the benefits of the Exchange function, which will be of interest primarily to experienced traders. But even if you are just starting to get acquainted with the cryptosphere, you can safely start on this project. But even if you just want to keep your coins safe and not worry about losing them, you can use Ercryptex without hesitation.

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