Neora’s Built-to-Win Executive Team Shares Insights on Leadership and Overcoming Challenges in Pioneering Business Battle

In the first episode of the Built to Win podcast, the executive team at Neora, including co-founders Jeff Olson, Deborah Hees, Amber Olson Rourke, and executive Dave Fleming, delve into their philosophies on leadership and the mindset required to overcome unprecedented challenges in business. Drawing from their collective experience in successfully navigating a historic, seven-year battle that no other company had previously conquered, the team shares valuable insights on what it means to be “built to win.”

Jeff Olson, founder and CEO of Neora, emphasizes the importance of mindset and personal philosophy in leadership. He stresses that a leader’s ability to influence others stems from a strong sense of self, clear direction, and the capacity to create an environment that encourages growth and synergy. Olson highlights the significance of Neora’s ten core values, which served as the company’s guiding philosophy throughout both triumphs and trials.

Deborah Hees, co-founder and CEO of Live Happy and co-CEO of Neora, underscores the necessity of personal integrity, trust, and transparency within a team. She notes that these qualities must be cultivated before a crisis emerges. A leader must be present in the moment, focusing on the facts while maintaining a clear vision of the ultimate goal. Hees also emphasizes the importance of choosing happiness and aligning one’s actions with personal values.

Amber Olson Rourke, co-founder and chief sales and marketing officer for Neora, believes resilience is built through facing and overcoming challenges. She reflects on how previous obstacles prepared the team for their most significant battle yet and how the support of a close-knit community of family, friends, and colleagues played a vital role in maintaining perspective and finding joy amidst adversity.

Dave Fleming, an internationally recognized executive who joined Neora during the pivotal battle, discusses the role of risk-taking in achieving significant goals. He stresses the importance of aligning with people who share one’s values and the power of believing in the potential outcome of overcoming a challenge. Fleming notes that while the decision to join Neora during a critical time may have appeared risky to outsiders, his trust in the team and the potential for pioneering success outweighed any perceived risks.

Throughout the episode, the Neora executive team reflects on the key factors that contributed to their success in the face of a seemingly impossible challenge. They cite unwavering belief in their cause, a commitment to their core values, the support of a strong community, and the ability to focus on the present moment and the larger mission as essential elements in their victory.

As the team prepares to share the details of their historic battle in upcoming episodes, their insights serve as a powerful testament to the resilience, determination, and leadership required to pioneer new paths in business and beyond. The Neora story inspires entrepreneurs and leaders seeking to build teams and companies that are truly “built to win.”

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