Tips to Make Your Office as Green as Ever

Though you may do a lot of your business online, you can’t escape paper when you run an efficient office. Invoices, bills, mail, and tax documents can use up a surprising amount of paper, which makes keeping your office green a challenge. If you want to convert your business into an eco-friendly one, consider hiring a secured document destruction service. Not only will they significantly reduce your eco footprint, but they’ll ensure the confidential material found on invoices and bills can never be used against you.

Recycling these papers on your own isn’t enough. If any of your paper documents contain information regarding your clients, then you have a legal duty to see that they are destroyed properly. The Government of Canada has enacted laws that require companies and healthcare practitioners to store and dispose of personal information in certain ways that guarantee the information cannot be found or used by identity thieves. If you were to leave documents in recycling bins, private details regarding your clients could be found. If they are, then your business can be fined.

When you hire document shredding services, they cut out that step entirely so that sort of breach can never happen. Instead of placing your paper documents in an unsecured bin, a shredding service will provide locked containers and bins. Once you’ve filled them, they’ll send out bonded and uniformed service representatives who will arrive at your place of business with a mobile shredding truck. Under your watchful eye, they’ll collect the material and shred it in these trucks.

These mobile shredding trucks ensure that the paper is shredded to such a degree that no information can be gleaned from the pieces. As you can read from,, you can even receive a “Guarantee of Destruction” once the process is over. More importantly, they can also provide a “Guarantee of Recycling”, as they transport the destroyed material to a secured recycling facility after they’re done.

For businesses, mobile shredding services can be scheduled as often or as infrequent as you need them – weekly, bi-weekly, or on a scheduled customized to your paper output. Call your local document destruction service to see how often you should schedule an appointment. Then they’ll supply their special containers and see you on the big pick up day.

With a secure mobile shredding service on your side, you can keep your confidential material out of the hands of thieves, saving your company from security breaches. More importantly, it’s a simple way to keep your office green, no matter how much paper you end up producing.

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