What are some of the popular paint by numbers to go for?

When thinking about paint by numbers custom, you can decide to go for some of the most popular paint by numbers to begin with. From there, you can be creative enough to come up with your own custom masterpiece of paint by numbers. Some of the most popular ones includes the following:

Bouquet of Chrysanthemums by Pierre Auguste Renoir

There is nothing as good as having to paint a vase of flowers and that is where most artists start. The Bouquet of Chrysanthemums by Pierre Renoir is quite easy to come up with using the system of paint by numbers. It is what most people use to find themselves to the first painting. It has small amount of colors with no fine details that you will have to worry about.

The artists Garden at Giverny by Claude Monet

It is a piece of paint by numbers which artists tend to take on whenever they are ready for a challenge. You should expect to spend quite a lot of time to get the minor details right. It is a colorful as well as whimsical true to Monet’s style. Once you are done with it, you will get a great satisfaction that will make the challenge worth your time.

The dessert harmony in red by Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse had a way when it came to colors and shapes that incomparable to other artists. If you happen to be a fan of his works which is quite inspiring, you will want to try this one out as one of his famous pieces, it is easy to create. Although it might not be ideal if you are a complete beginner, you can try it if you want a challenge as a beginner anyway. It is believed to be a great choice if you are out looking for art that you will hang and be proud of when you are finished.

The girl with the pearl earring by Johannes Vermeer

If you are new in painting, you should never start with standard flowers. This particular one might be the perfect pick for you as a newbie. It is haunting and beautiful pieces done by Johannes Vermeer that has a great blend of large and small shapes to be able to follow. The final results are simple but beautiful.

Dream by Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso has many pieces to his name but if you want to start on a great piece of his as a beginner, then the Dream might be the recommended one. He utilizes large shapes combined with vibrant colors to bring out his dream to come true for new paint by most artists.  It might also be a good pick if you prefer abstract work. if it is you first paint by numbers, then you will be excited on how it will come out. It is such a great piece of art that most beginners embrace and they don’t regret doing so.

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