What is Google’s MUM Update?

As technology advances, we are seeing different innovations from all spheres of life. Google is one company that has undergone evolution and making a step forward every time. If you type specific keywords on Google, there is a high chance that you will get the results you are looking for. However, the search engine has not been 100% perfect. Sometimes it is possible to get misinterpreted queries, and that means you get the wrong or unrelated results. However, things have now changed, thanks to technology. Google is introducing a new update called Multitask Unified Model (MUM). This update will utilize AI technology and machine learning to make Google more powerful and search results more accurate. The aim is to provide users with a simple solution to finding answers to complex questions.

What Does That Mean for Google?

According to Google, users have to type at least five different words before they can get what they want for complex questions. Fortunately, MUM is here to make everything easier. The update will bring faster results more simply. MUM uses AI and other methods of machine learning to understand the user’s language. This will help Google to understand complex queries better to be able to provide relevant and natural answers.

Instead of interpreting word by word, Google will now be able to understand the entire question and provide answers accordingly. The results you get, regardless of the keywords you use always come in the language you use to type. That means that the information is limited. MUM comes to beat the language barrier. It understands more than 75 languages used across the world. Therefore, you will always get your answer, including those written in other languages.

How Will MUM Affect Digital Marketing?

If you are using the PPC option for SEO, then you might also be hiring a PPC agency. According to various concerns, MUM will eliminate the need for SEO and such agencies. The nature of MUM means more defined answers. Therefore, if users can get answers at a single point, then it might eliminate the need to check several websites. That means that MUM could lead to less traffic on websites. However, this might not be entirely true. SEO has evolved, and so have the marketers. Therefore, everyone and everything involved will adjust at some point.

The truth is, website owners will not need to do anything differently. The only important thing is creating quality content and keeping it relevant to the audience. With accurate answers, your site will be optimized to match the way the MUM update performs. In the real sense, MUM might be the best thing for marketers. Just because sites use the same keywords does not mean that these keywords provide the right answers. However, understanding the language and the question will help Google to identify those sites with the intended search. Google will be able to provide answers to questions and not just the keywords used.

The Bottom Line

The MUM update seems exciting and useful. However, nobody knows about the unknown. The great thing is that websites need to do the same things they have been doing before. That means great content that will attract the target audience. MUM might even be better since the AI intelligence will understand your content deeper and better.

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