5 Reasons Your Company Needs An Online Time Clock System

If you’ve been keeping track of employee hours, attendance, and payroll the manual way, then it’s time to upgrade to an online time clock system. Not only is manual time tracking and record keeping costly and inefficient, but there are also several problems with it that a more technological solution can solve.

Here we will go over five reasons your company needs to upgrade to an online time clock system to make things faster and more productive.

Reason #1: Managing Attendance

If you’ve been tracking attendance manually, then you know how difficult it is to know who’s working at any given moment without having a manager keep tabs on the job clock all day. Beyond actually seeing who’s working, there are issues with inaccurate counts as employees can clock in for each other or leave the workplace and not clock out.

Our online time clock, Buddy Punch eliminates all the micromanaging by making sure each employee’s clock in is unique and tracking attendance in real-time so that managers can tell at a glance who is present and who isn’t.

Reason #2: Managing Productivity

Making sure that employees are doing what they are supposed to is incredibly difficult to do with just manual oversight. This is especially true with a large workforce or multiple job sites.

Online time clock software eliminates the need for management oversight as it can track employee productivity across all sectors and work sites automatically. You can track employee activity in real-time, track their location, and determine any issues with task completion.

You can even set reminders and notifications to let employees and management know what needs to get done and when. This gives a level of autonomy while still holding them accountable for getting their work done.

Reason #3: Simplified Clock in Process

The clock in and out process using traditional time clocks can be time-consuming and tedious. Worst of all, because of how it works, it can lead to unintentional labor law violations and inaccuracies in attendance since employees may not want to both with the hassle of the clock in process.

An online time clock simplifies the process by allowing employees to clock in from anywhere using their preferred mobile device. The online timecard system can send each employee reminders to take breaks and clock out on time to avoid labor law violations.

Reason #4: Keep Track of Remote Workers

It takes extra effort to ensure that remote workers are present working their assigned hours and being productive for businesses with a remote or hybrid workforce. This would be nearly impossible by manual means without constantly checking in on them and micromanaging every aspect of their job. Manual oversight essentially eliminates the point of remote work.

With a remote employee time tracking employee time tracking system, workers can clock in from anywhere. The online timesheet software can allow for productivity tracking and many other features that will enable remote workers to do their jobs without micromanaging. Passive oversight ensures that even remote workers are getting work done and that hours and payroll are accurate so that there are no issues with pay or attendance.

Reason #5: Better Payroll Processing

One of the hardest things to keep track of manually for any business is payroll. Calculating hours and relying on employees to fill out their timesheets makes errors extremely likely. Even once all the information is collected, it still has to be sent to payroll for processing. This takes a lot of time and human resources to complete, and the likelihood of errors means that the process can be delayed.

What’s worse, the amount of time and resources it takes to fix errors in payroll can be detrimental to the business and employee morale.

An online time clock can eliminate these issues by tracking employee time and pay rates automatically and sending that data straight to the payroll department error-free. With payroll integrations added to the time clock, accuracy and processing speed are vastly improved, and employees are paid accurately and on time.

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