How Keter Group is Changing Sustainability Efforts Under CEO Alejandro Pena

Environmentalism and sustainability are two concepts that have only increased in popularity over the years. As consumers become more educated on their role in the environmental process, an increasing need for businesses that focus on their part has grown.

Keter is an Israeli-based manufacturer of house and garden products made from sustainable resin materials. Operating for almost a century, Keter Group has excelled under the leadership of recent CEO appointee Alejandro Pena.

Pena has made it a focus of his to emphasize the importance of sustainability, and as such, he has been pivotal in releasing Keter’s Environmental Sustainability Report.

Let’s explore Keter Group’s ESG while looking under the hood to understand the process better.

Leadership and an Important Environmental Pledge

At Keter Group, sustainability is emphasized from the top and carried throughout the rest of the business. Keter operates 29 plants throughout Israel, Europe, North America, and Luxembourg. They are attending to the communities they serve by focusing on environmentalism and sustainability at every opportunity.

Pena says, “About 60% of our production is in the country and the region where the product will eventually be consumed.”

Localizing the production of materials for the area in which it will be sold helps ease waste and fuel consumption. Pena and his team have made it their goal to collect recyclable materials from customers further looking to get rid of their products, thus easing the burden on landfills in t these communities.

Pena says of the efforts of the Keter Everyday Sustainability Pledge, “Last year, we made significant process in taking carbon out of our manufacturing process by maintaining our use of recycled resin and driving efficiencies throughout our operations.”

Even with so much progress in recent years, Pena believes there is still plenty of work to do around the industry. Pena added, “We take it seriously because, particularly on the environmental side of things, we commit to be good stewards of the environment, but also good citizens to the communities we work in.”

Creating More Sustainable Outcomes For the Future

Alejandro Pena has made it his mission to continue emphasizing the importance of sustainability in his business. Pena believes that Keter can continue to lead ESG efforts while touting the planet’s reputation and its inhabitants’ needs.

Pena outlined many pillars that define his work at Keter, but he emphasized sustainability. Pena stated, “One of our pillars is not only are we going to be a business driven by innovation and a leading company in our industry, but we are also going to live by the values of being good to the environment and our communities.”

Keter’s CEO said of the decision to focus on ESG, “Not only because it is the right thing to do, but because I also believe that it will be a source of competitive advantage over the long term.”

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