How to stand out in a business exhibition

Exhibition display stands are one of the most important promotional tools for a business. They allow you to showcase your products and services in an accessible, eye-catching way.

However, standing out isn’t easy when there’s so much competition. And it’s even harder when you’re competing with other businesses that have already invested in display stands.

Here are some tips on how you can stand out at a business exhibition:

Set measurable goals for your exhibition attendance

The first thing you should do is set measurable goals for your exhibition attendance. This will help you stay focused on what matters most — making sure people come by and see your stand.

If you don’t have any targets or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), then it’s time to set some up! These can be simple things like: “I want at least one person from each category of attendees (customers, suppliers) to visit my stand.” Or “I want 20% of visitors to take home a sample or brochure.”

Identify your audience and tailor your display stand accordingly

Take into consideration the size of the space you have available, as well as the number of people who will be viewing your stand at any given time. If you are exhibiting in a large hall with a large number of booths and stands, you may want to consider designing a more elaborate display or increasing its size by adding additional displays or stands around it.

Design an eye-catching display booth

Your booth should be designed in such a way that it attracts attention from attendees as soon as they walk into the exhibition hall. Try using bold colours and lighting effects if possible, along with eye-catching graphics and signage design.

Create brand awareness with your staff’s uniforms and consistency with the exhibition stand

Consistency is important, so make sure that all staff members wear the same uniform. You can order a custom-made logo shirt or a polo shirt at a relatively low cost, or you can get a premade one from an online store.

Make a lasting impression by picking a theme

Themes can help make your booth stand out from all the rest. If possible, try to tie your booth into the current season or holiday. For example, if it’s Halloween season, consider dressing up as Frankenstein or another frightening character. Or if it’s summertime, why not create a beach scene? If it’s tax season, maybe consider making an oversized check out of cardboard. Whatever works best for your company will help make your company memorable at the show!

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