Quick Fact Sheet about Oil Tank Removal

A number of homes in New Jersey have underground oil tanks, which might have been lying invisible to the naked eye. In many cases, new buyers don’t even suspect the presence of oil tanks in yard and garden, ending up in a financial mess for removal. Here are some of the facts worth knowing about oil tank removal NJ.

Why oil tanks must be checked?

Oil tanks had a purpose, but the risks of having them on a property are quite high. Leaking tanks can cause incredible amount of damage to the soil and water resources, and the costs of remediation is insanely high. If the leaking oil causes loss to neighbor’s property, the expenses are even higher. Oil tanks are often designed to run for decades sans any maintenance, but the underground damage is hardly visible. Any kind of leakage is also dangerous for the environment.


Removing oil tanks

There are professional companies that deal with both removal and installation of tanks. These companies can check your property for any kind of leakage, and in case the tank is in a bad condition, they can also offer new oil tank installation NJ, as requested by the client. Also, such services can help you deal with soil damage with remediation work. A handful of companies in the area also offer assistance to customers on financing, so that the tank removal process can be initiated at the earliest.

What else to know?

As a customer, you should double check the background and work of a company before hiring them for oil tank removal. If you have any questions, make sure that you ask the same in advance, including the cost and charges. Getting an estimate is highly beneficial in avoiding hidden costs that many fraudulent companies charge at a later stage.

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